Weld Seam Treatment

Hope Machinery's high clean pipe  are made from 2B cold rolled steel coils as raw material, with longitudinal welding technology to achieve complete penetration, and mature weld treatment technology to ensure qualified welding. Our wire turbine flaw detection system ensures that every product is free of impurities. With perfect quality inspection system and advanced mold calibration system, we can ensure that the wall thickness difference of the welded seam is controlled between 0.02-0.03MM.
Complete traceability is provided for each product by providing all the necessary production process data. Starting with certification and incoming inspection of raw materials, through process quality control, final inspection, labeling and packaging. Full inspection is utilized for all BPE compliant products to ensure that all products that reach the customer meet ASME BPE standards.

Inspection process


Non-destructive testing


Eddy current flaw detection




watertightness test



Hope Lab

We have expansion test,flattening test, tensile test, elongation test, crystal image analysis, hardness test, intergranular corrosion test.



We currently have three people who have been trained in laboratory operations.


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