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Wenzhou HOPE Machinery CO.,LTD was established in 2004. It has 2 factory with a total area of 22,600 square meters.

The products are designed and produced according to DIN, 3A, SMS, ISO, BS, IDF and ASME BPE standards, and have passed ASME BPE certification(Tubes and fittings). At present, there are 53 sets of CNC equipment; the annual production capacity is 250,000 pieces per month; there are 8 production lines for in-pipe connectors, the annual production capacity is 200,000 pieces per month;
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More than just stainless steel, we are the best choice to solve your needs.
BPE Fitting

ASME BPE pipe fittings are the best choice of pipe fittings for high cleanliness requirements of biological control.

BPE Tubes

BPE tubes are manufactured with high-grade materials and advanced production technology to meet strict industry standards.

Sanitary Fittings

Hope mechanical high-clean pipe fittings use 2B cold-rolled steel coils as raw materials, mature weld seam treatment technology to ensure qualified welding.

Sanitary Tube

We have many advanced systems such as
NDT, EDD, hydrostatic testing system, mechanical property testing system, crystal phase analysis system, etc.To provide the most reliable and powerful guarantee for our quality products.

Valves / Pumps

We provide high-quality valves and pumps that meet strict standards and requirements,and ensure a safe and hygienic working environment.


Our products comply with international hygiene standards and we offer a range of high quality matching accessories

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Provide greater safety, stability and longer life for your industry applications.
Our products are used in a wide range of industries such as beverage and food, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, petroleum and chemical industries, and we can provide customized solutions to meet constantly updated technical requirements.
Learn more about how our products can help you achieve greater efficiency,
productivity and profitability in your industry.
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We have the perfect automatic welding technology to guarantee the flatness and finish of the weld seam, which can ensure the best level of hardness and flatness.

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According to the current technological development, we have developed and commissioned our own automatic polishing equipment to create the most perfect product for you with high quality process.

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Hope Machinery's high clean pipe are made from 2B cold rolled steel coils as raw material, with longitudinal welding technology to achieve complete penetration, and mature weld treatment technology to ensure qualified welding.

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Superior quality products provide you with a better grade for industrial applications
Superior quality products can provide you with better grades for industrial applications. All of our products are subject to comprehensive quality management and certification control, so you can experience the best quality in our products at the most advanced level available today.

Our products aredesigned and produced according to DIN, 3A, SMS,ISO, BS,IDF and ASME BPE, and have passed ASME BPE certification.
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We are a supplier of high quality
and efficiency in the field of high precision liquid equipment
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Seamless ducting provides a smooth interior surface that is easier to clean and maintain hygiene standards.
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What are Sanitary Fitting Used for?
*Sanitary fittings are designed to comply with specific standards and regulations, such as the ASME BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment) standard, which ensures hygienic design, materials and finishes.
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