From Source Material To Finished Product: Excellent Tolerance Control
HOPE's high clean pipe fittings use 2B cold rolled steel coils as the original material, adopt longitudinal welding technology to completely fusion penetrate, mature welding seam treatment technology to ensure the weld credentials. Our line turbine flaw detection system can ensure every product is free from impurities.

With perfect quality inspection system and advanced mold calibration system, we can ensure the wall thickness difference of the weld seam is controlled by 0.02-0.03MM.

From material control all the way to the finished product, we always adhere to the strict control of each process to ensure that we present the best products to our customers.
Advanced Total Quality Management System: Top Quality For All Products And Processes
Strictly control the process flow, interlocking to ensure the quality of finished products
Guarantee 100% staff quality training, with self-inspection awareness and process awareness
Process quality control from raw materials to final inspection, marking and packaging
All necessary production process data is available and each product has full traceability
All gauges are calibrated by international organizations and conform to international standards
All BPE standard products are fully inspected to ensure that they comply with ASME BPE standard
What Quality Philosophy Makes HOPE Stand Out?
More than just stainless steel, we are the best choice to solve your needs.
One out of 10 employees works in quality assurance
Of our employees live their responsibility for quality
Certificates and quality related documents produced each week
Incoming and outgoing goods inspections per week

Inspection process


Non-destructive testing


Eddy current flaw detection




watertightness test



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HOPE's products are worthy of your trust, and we have certificates that meet stringent standards.
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