Cutting-edge technology for precision pipe fitting

Bending process: The pushing process has been eliminated in our bending process as it is prone to uneven wall thickness, with thin walls at the opening and thicker walls at the base. We have improved this process, resulting in more uniform wall thickness, better interior surface protection, and easier polishing.
Annealing process: Our pipe fittings can be annealed after bending by heating them to 1040-1070 degrees Celsius, and then slowly cooling them. This improves cutting performance, reduces residual stress, stabilizes dimensions, reduces deformation and cracking tendencies, refines grain structure, adjusts the organization, and eliminates structural defects. This ensures that the pipe opening is more rounded, minimizing the spring-back after the pipe fitting is formed, and ensuring that it falls within the tolerance range.
Spherical plunger process: Our spherical plunger process ensures better fitting between the ball and the pipe fitting, with better interior surface protection, more precise pipe fitting angles, and more accurate dimensions.


High-performance fittings made with refined technology

Our pipe fitting molding technology is leading in the industry, with high precision and reliability, ensuring the stability and reliability of the products.

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